Gulf Manpower provides red sealed Artisans and Semi-Skilled staff across all categories. These include, On and Offshore Oil and Gas, Marine, Manufacturing, Workshop, Repairs and Maintenance.

Why use our Artisans?

As your workflow and contracts increase and your permanent staff can no longer keep up with the demand of the inflow of work, we can supply you with Temporary Artisans staffing to fill the gap and help you meet your deadlines. Once your project is completed, the Artisan returns to us and we will relocate him to another site. All Statutory Benefits such as UIF, WCA, MEIBC, SARS etc are all handled by us through our experienced Payroll Dept and submitted accordingly. All Temporary Artisans arrive on site with the necessary tools that have been pre checked. Our data base of Artisans include:

  • Shipfitters, Pipe Welders, Diesel Mechanics, Boilermakers, Riggers

  • Electricians, Marine Electricians, Stick / Tig / Mig Welders (ASME)

  • Semiskilled: Blasters, Marine Painters, Firewatchers, Marine Insulators, Seamstresses