In an unfortunate turn, Gulf pays out on its first funeral policy claim

Unfortunately Gulf saw one of its employee’s pass away on the 11th July 2013. Masopha Mohale (24) became another sad statistic in South Africa’s plight against crime.

Masopha Mohale worked for Gulf as a RF Picker at RCG Woolworths. He was employed since February 2013 and right from start he showed dedication and enthusiasm. He had a bright future ahead of him, never stayed out of work and was always willing to assist.

As Masopha was registered with Gulfs new funeral cover policy his mother, Serowoa Matee, received the full amount of R10 000 and was able to bury her son on the 27th July 2013 in the Eastern Cape. The funeral was attended by his mother and those he had grown to know.

Gulfs funeral cover now in its 3rd month is a company initiative taken to address the concern of grieved family members in such unforeseen circumstances. The amount is paid to a next of kin to cover the huge costs of funerals in South Africa and in this case part of the money was used to transport Masopha back to his home province.

The mother was very grateful and praised Gulf for its initiative as it removed a heavy burden.